Thursday October 19, 2017         06:49:47 pm EST

Standing Strong...

a requirement of any structure

Keeler-Glasgow provides a wide variety of economical greenhouses and pre-engineered steel structures for many commercial & homeowner applications!
   Keeler-Glasgow greenhouses are built & designed all-weather tough by people who know what extreme weather is all about! 
 In Michigan we know weather extremes! 
One month it's blistering hot, the next icy cold.  Rains gush down, and snow piles high while winds gust in from the Great Lakes.  
  Our engineering team uses computer-aided design to create structures with two criteria in mind--stand strong, and stand firm in all climates.
 The strength of our structures is attained by following the simple principle that when you start with stronger mechanical tubing and structural materials, you achieve a superior product.  We offer an excellent selection of harsh-weather tested Freestanding Greenhouses ,space saving gutter-connected greenhouses, and economical cold frame designs for growers, hobbyists and retailers, as well as a complete line of customizable classic steel structures for a wide variety of uses.

  Our unique computer-aided frame bending process ensures maximum structural strength and rigidity by allowing our frameworks to be constructed without the customer ever cutting or welding the frame.  A single piece of specially treated galvanized mechanical steel tubing stretches the entire span from ground to peak.  The available use of square tubing adds additional strength for the really tough applications.

  Keeler-Glasgow also carries a complete line of greenhouse accessories including anchoring systems, our exclusive Surelock and Nurserylock poly covering fasteners, steel benching systems, heating, cooling/ ventilation, poly film coverings, service & entrance doors, wire mesh products, ground covering fabricsfiberglass,polycarbonate and steel paneling and other miscellaneous items.


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